“I have engaged Franca on a number of Photography & Graphic Design projects. She has demonstrated a clear ability to work with precision and maintain an overview over the project. Her natural flexibility allows her to stay calm even when the project changes along the way. Last but not least Franca is very sociable and quickly establishes rapport with both colleagues on the project and other people in our organization. In short, Franca is most definitely recommended for project management.”
Joost van Wetten, Lukkien

“Franca is an enthusiastic independent project manager for communications. She works extremely well under ‘pressure’ whilst always staying cheerful. Franca is strong in organizing events, shaping processes and monitoring deadlines and budgets. Ad hoc activities can be entrusted to her, even when the deadlines seem to be impossible. Thanks for your flexible attitude!”
Sonja van Beek, de Alliantie

“An unwaveringly cheerful, enthusiastic professional woman who knows how to get things done!!”
Anya Vos, ONyVA

“Franca helped us with thecreation of our new website. She is an enthusiastic, avid and knowledgeable professional. Plus she has an outstanding and cheerful personality. To be repeated!”
Annelies Roering, Volkshuisvesting Arnhem

“I have had the pleasure of engaging on several projects with Franca and have been delighted with the enthusiastic and positive approach to projects with tight deadlines!”
Simone van Kippersluis, SvK Sales & more…

“Franca is not just a project manager. She is a project manager who understands exactly what is involved in creating a campaign, which people are required and how much time it will take. But she also senses unerringly what pitfalls may be encountered along the way and anticipates these in advance. Notwithstanding the fact that she is very reliable and capable of keeping communication projects on track, she is above all a very nice, funny and friendly person. “Going well” is a saying that you might often hear her state during a campaign but is perhaps more appropriate to her as a person.”
Martin Hof, Concept maker-copywriter/BEET! amc