It’s always nice to know something about the person in question.

I have been active in the advertising and communications sector since 1999. I started at Myosotis in Baarn where, as account manager, I worked for film companies and a diverse range of real estate developers. By 2007 it was time for a change and I went to work as an account manager at MORE in Deventer. I was responsible for various housing corporations, a crop
protection company and a college of higher
education among others.

Then midway through 2008 I felt the urge to
realise my ambition and started to hatch plans to forge a career as a freelance project manager as of January 2009. Then the crisis hit.
I could either put my plans on hold and stay in a safe job or carry on. I chose for the latter – in the belief that if you have a good plan, are highly motivated and possess the right amount of perseverance, there is never a bad time. It is hard work but nothing comes close to having your own business!

Fun for me is: family & friends, fitness, computer games, photography, gadgets, social media, films & tv-series.
I am partial to: chocolate, French fries, sashimi, sushi, tapas and quotes.